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Finding Clarity Through the Fog

The winter sky shifts to spring sky. As I look out across the still frozen lake, the water and tree line blends together. There is no distinction between the water, the trees, or the mountains. The sun sets and suddenly the trees appear—as if on stage—silhouettes in the sun. The clarity of the trees gives me pause to think about my own life in this moment.

I am in the process of shifting and expanding my professional focus. I have just published a book and am a certified Reiki Master and trainer. At the moment, the horizon seems shrouded in fog. How do I transition from what I know and incorporate these new parts of me into a career I love?

The trees appearing against the setting sun remind me that, through the fog, the vision becomes clear. Sometimes we just need to be patient.

Photo: © 2017 Diane L. Dunton


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