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Dreams: Listening to the Messages

A great teacher, Dr. Jeremy Taylor, died last month—just two days after the passing of his wife Katheryn. Dr. Taylor made a huge impact on the world. A Doctor of Ministry and Unitarian Universalist minister, he brought his model of projective dream work to prisons, hospices, and the AIDS community in San Francisco. He authored four books and co-founded the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work.

For several years after the passing of my husband in 2002, I participated in a local dream group. I was broken at the time. I’d been in women’s groups before but needed a different approach to work through my grief. I was fortunate that Dr. Taylor’s work was brought to my attention and I was able to attend his dream workshop. Through Dr. Taylor’s teachings, I learned so much about the messages that come to us as we sleep. We all dream. Our dreams can help us solve life’s challenges. If we listen to our dreams, journal and reflect on the feelings we have upon waking, we can learn what they are telling us and use that information to support our health and healing.

Through my own work I offer consults and workshops to explore the meaning of dreams, the universal connection, and how our dreams help us. If you’re interested in exploring your dreams and would like know how we might work together, send me an email message.

I will always remember Dr. Jeremy Taylor with a deep appreciation for his healing dream work.


Photo Credit: Butterfly image by Stergo used under CC by 2.0


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