Boston in October: Doorways
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Mixed Media


with Diane Dunton


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To place an order or for pricing for paintings, photography or
commissioned work,  please contact Diane by email.

Diane's work is currently on display and may be viewed at the offices of
Premier Properties, 1288 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond, ME.

All media and content © 2022 Diane Dunton / DL Dunton Photography & Fine Art



"When you paint, you see the world through different eyes. The world becomes an open landscape of possibilities. You lose track of time. You become immersed in the colors, the feel and the moment. It's where the heart beats, where life is."

Diane L. Dunton, Artist & Motivational Speaker

Photographer, artist, breast cancer survivor and motivational speaker, DIANE DUNTON learned the art of healing through painting. She first began painting in 2003 after the untimely death of her husband, the late Robert E. Dunton. Always with a camera in hand, she began painting from her portfolio of Maine landscape photos. She has since expanded to portraits of people and pets.


Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, Diane turned to her painting to continue to assist with her healing process. She works in all mediums and enjoys expressing her passion through her work.Diane spends much of her time with a brush in hand, fulfilling her dream as an artist. Her office is filled with her work. She has several shows each year and her paintings are in the homes and offices of her clients all over the U.S.