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Leadership Development

Organizations need strong leadership in every level of management to succeed. Leadership development focuses on four areas of development:


  1. Defining Leadership Competencies for Your Organization: We work with management to identify outstanding individual and group leadership skills and behaviors that will lead to company success. The “360°” feedback tool is used to enhance leaders’ professional development.

  2. Exploring Motivators: We discover ways for leaders to harness employee motivators so they contribute to and benefit the goals of the organization. Understanding our motivators and "demotivators" helps us grow as leaders.

  3. Addressing Organizational Culture: A work culture of fear or resentment impedes an organization’s goals. We assess the culture through surveys, focus groups and interviews. We assist leaders in creating a positive, motivating work environment that benefits everyone.

  4. Coaching For Success: We help leaders to prepare for the inevitable changes that affect work climates; economic adjustments, technology growth, and personnel changes. We provide short term and long term coaching to assist with immediate organizational and employee issues while developing sustainability skills and behaviors.


"today's business climate"

"Diane is a very good communicator, and understands business and what it takes to be successful. She is always well prepared, and understands the myriad of personnel issues we face in today's business climate."

Executive coaching provides a business or non-profit leader with an outside perspective, clarity, support and a focused strategy to lead and manage change. Potential Released works with executives to hone their competencies to face current and anticipated organizational challenges; align the needs of individuals to organizational needs and strategy; and adopt more effective techniques to influence others and build and sustain productive internal and external relationships. Get hard results faster.

Executive Coaching
Developing Executives
Individual Coaching for Success
Executive Coaching
Employee Coaching

With the support of the employee’s supervisor, we create work goals and a clear course of action with a specific time frame to improve employee productivity and morale. Interviews, written and verbal assessments and discussions help the employee assess his/her current skills, motivators and behaviors and help determine what is needed to improve the work environment.

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