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Sunflowers and Crickets

September arrives and brings with it unmistakable signs that herald change. Cooler evenings create morning dew that gently rests on withering blades of grass. Majestic golden sunflowers sway and stand taller than the goldenrod and hay surrounding the fading flower gardens.

Sounds in September shift. The peepers of spring are now silent. Crickets rub their wings together, creating the chirping sound known as stridulating. Hidden from view, deep within fields and overgrown grass, their chatter emanates. The sound cannot be mistaken. Summer is coming to a close and autumn will not be far behind.

With change coming, we can pause and reflect on what we want for the new season. What might it look like for you? Will there be a shift of activities that may signal a new period of personal or professional growth? What are your goals? What needs to stay the same and what needs to change in order to reach them?

This can be an exciting and wonderful time to begin new things and build on what you may have already started. Enjoy thinking of the possibilities!

Photo Credit: DL Dunton Photography & Art


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